Egusi Soup


This is a thick and hearty soup made from ground melon seeds, which give the soup a thick and slightly nutty texture. 


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a person sturing a pot with egusi soup with a ornate metal spoon


It is commonly cooked with assorted vegetables like spinach, bitter leaf, or pumpkin leaves, and can also include protein such as beef, fish, or shrimp. Egusi Soup is often enjoyed with pounded yam, eba, or fufu, and it is appreciated for its unique taste and satisfying texture.

Here at E and G Kitchen, we serve Egusi Soup with beef or lamb. Each dish is prepared meticulously using fresh ingredients, and all our expertise in Nigerian cooking. Egusi Soup has been a part of the culinary tradition for generations. The dish showcases the versatile use of egusi (melon) seeds and is prepared with regional variations in terms of ingredients and seasonings.