Efo Riro


Efo Riro, a delightful Nigerian vegetable soup, is a celebration of vibrant flavours and nutritious leafy greens. 

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efo riro being cooked in red pots

This tasty dish combines an array of leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, or ugu leaves, with a tantalising blend of ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece.

To prepare Efo Riro, a tomato base is created by blending fresh tomatoes into a smooth consistency. This forms the foundation of the soup and infuses it with a rich and savoury flavour. The tomato base is then cooked down with a combination of palm oil, onions, and peppers, creating a fragrant and aromatic sauce.

The star of the dish, the leafy greens, are added to the simmering sauce. These greens, carefully selected for their freshness and nutritional value, contribute to the vibrant colours and earthy flavours of Efo Riro. As the greens cook, they release their natural juices, further enriching the taste and texture of the soup.


Efo Riro offers versatility in terms of protein options. Assorted meats such as beef, goat meat, or chicken can be added to the soup, infusing it with succulent and tender morsels of meat. Additionally, fish, such as smoked fish or dried fish, can also be included for added depth of flavour. This variety of proteins creates a harmonious balance between the greens and the meat, making Efo Riro a satisfying and complete meal.

Efo Riro is traditionally served with a side of pounded yam, eba (garri), or rice. These accompaniments provide a delicious and filling base that complements the flavours of the soup. The combination of the creamy and smooth texture of pounded yam or the fluffy grains of rice with the hearty Efo Riro creates a delightful dining experience.